Elliot Wave - Impulse Strategy

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A strategy based on combination of 3 indicators.
1) "Elliot Wave - Impulse" indicator from @HeWhoMustNotBeNamed (www.tradingview.com/...Elliot-Wave-Impulse/) .
2) "Cyclic RSI High Low With Noise Filter" from @RozaniGhani-RG (www.tradingview.com/...w-With-Noise-Filter/).
3) "Mesa Advanced Triggers" from @jordanfung (www.tradingview.com/...a-Advanced-Triggers/)

By using these 3 indicators together, I was able to project and backtrack some very nice return values even with a $100 investment as a basis (with quite a big risk, however - that is 75% of capital is invested with each trade which at the end snowballs and I saw this make as much as additional $300 in 1 month).

There is quite a few options but I would recommend to use the indicator in the following way:
1) set Elliot Waves settings to: ZigZagLength = 2, errorPercent = 10, entryPercent = 10, target2reach = TP4
2) set cRSI settings to: cRSI EMA period = 1, cRSI source = close
3) set MESA settings to: offset = 0, upper pivot zone = 0.4, lower pivot zone = -0.4

Then start playing with these settings on different time periods (starting with 15m - anything below has a chance to stop alarms for this strategy by triggering too frequently).
Start adjusting the ZigZagLength in Elliot Waves (from 2 to about 200) and use the one that yields the largest return.
Then play with errorPercent and entryPercent (they have a very small min-max range, so try all values first from errorPercent, then from entryPercent).
Then start adjusting the cRSI EMA period (from 1 to 100 - 250) and again - use the one that yields the best result.
Lastly, try adjusting low and high pivot zones on MESA (0.3 & -0.3 to 0.7 & -0.7 had the best results in my testing).

That's it.
Once set up, use alarms to get notified when a trade can be opened / should be closed and profit.

Enjoy :)
Nota Keluaran:
added limiting strategy to user-defined time periods
Nota Keluaran:
replaced the first ugly chart with a new one that shows what this strategy is really capable of doing :-P
Nota Keluaran:
default values set to entry point mentioned in the strategy description, so you don't have to set it manually the first time around
Nota Keluaran:
The "source" field for Elliot Waves was removed (now hardcoded to "close" value). This now allows us to use other indicators as source for the cRSI part, which is excellent when combined with the great "MESA Adaptive Moving Average - Improved MTF" indicator by @DasanC

Fixed typo in short position closing label when new wave is found (was always saying "close buy (new wave)" instead of "close sell (new wave)".

Added minimum of 2 minutes gap between any 2 trades in a continued effort to remove alerts from this strategy firing too often sometimes.
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