SuperTrend Multi Coin 4% Profit Target

Hello Everyone,

Hope you guys doing good. This is the strategy and script I'm currently working on. Everything is doing good except close the position on 4% profit on particular coin. For example, if I open position on ETHUSD at the price of 2200 and the chart is BTCUSD , It should close on 2288 price. The current strategy is work fine for some pairs. I mean some of the pairs work good and close at 4% and some of them just messed up and close earlier or later. That may be due to the currently open chart or syminfo.mintick function. I'm using maximun numbers of pairs ( 40 pairs ).

I feel like the strategy.exit function close the position on target tick according to the currently open chart. Let me know what do you guys think and can you modified it and make it super useful. That would help us to set single 1 alert instead of setting 40 different alerts for 40 different pairs.

Waiting :)

Thank you
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