A powerful indicator that gives you information about trend direction and strength. It gives you buy signal when both lines are green and sell signal when both lines are red. The indicator adapts automatically to your resolution (for example if you see charts hourly it adapts to hourly timeframe), but you can turn off this option and set different resolution towards your current one.
I created this indicator watching how good VDUB works, so I want to say THANKS to vdubus ( and his incredible strategy (
It works really well on commodities and forex :)

See how perfectly this indicator works compared to RSI:

And see how perfectly it works directly on market prices:
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Does this indicator repaint?
+2 Balas
NGBaltic taylo88885
@taylo88885, yes like hell
+1 Balas
Does it repaints?
+2 Balas
shreyasss shreyasss
Is it useful in live trading?
hlavaty4 shreyasss
Yes it repaints
+1 Balas
Ede hlavaty4
Then it's useless
+2 Balas
Pretty much. I have no idea why people post things that repaint.
+3 Balas
would it be possible to program your study to indicate the closing price at which a study will trigger a change, rather than the studies indicator value?

Example: I would like to know in advance what the closing price would need to be when the study indicator crossed (the or a) threshold level for direction change.
Do you have this ea ready Can i buy it
this is the ANN indicator right??
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