The Market Crusher Trades Indices, Stocks, Currencies, and Crypto utilizing a proprietary blend of algorithmic technical indicators designed to generate alpha with a emphasis on minimizing risk.

The Market Crusher is a combination of three of our existing algorithmic indicators, and two new indicators.

These existing indicators are Rockstar 1.0, Rockstar 2.0, and Fibonacci supports and resistances. The rockstars are used to enter trades either long or short. The fibs and pivot point are used to determine supports and resistances. The Market Crusher also has a new profit indicator that depending on market we close between 25% and 50% of position.

The Market Crusher also has a Info panel summary that is comprised of the following technical indicators.

VWMA20, Sma20, EMA’s 10, 21, 55, 100, Hull MA, Ichimoku , Bolinger Bands, RSI , Smooth Stochastic RSI , Dynamic MACD , Awesome Oscillator , Momentum Indicator , TD Sequential, Weis Wave, DMI, ROC , and CCI

When 10 of these indicators are Bullish info panel will print a green Up Arrow ⇧. When 10 of above indicators are Bearish info panel will print a red Down Arrow ⇩.
When 13 of these indicators are Bullish info panel will print a green BUY. When 13 of these indicators are Bearish info panel will print a red SELL.
When 16 of these indicators are Bullish info panel will print a green STRONGBUY. When 16 of these indicators are Bearish info panel will print a red STRONGSELL.
User can set alerts for each of these situations.

The indicator is best used on 3H, 4H, 6H timeframes with HA candles. We recommend using Ohlc4 as source for info panel and profit points. Please take a look at charts below for current settings.





Dec 23
Catatan Pelepasan: Added Quantum Source input.
Jan 10
Catatan Pelepasan: Added Dynamic Trailing Stop With Alerts. * Trailing stop alert options must be set to once per bar
Jan 22
Catatan Pelepasan: Added automatic upper and lower trend lines with Alerts 🚨 Trader can set alerts for upper trend line breakout and lower trend line breakout

Added Bullish/Bearish Colored Moving Averages
  • Simple Moving Average
    Exponential Moving Average
    Hull Moving Average
    Weighted Moving Average
    Volume Weighted Moving Average
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CADJPY Updated settings
For alerts that are placed to activate Quantum Buy/ Quantum Sell/ Quantum Long/ Quantum Short/ , I get the message "This alert may trigger differently than expected, since its based on an indicator that can get repainted.

Is it ok to put continue with the alert?
@jameskuah, The Market Crusher uses the time function for profit points and Fibonacci pivots.
any indicator that utilizes a time function will give a alert warning. We do not take profit and enter a trade until candle close thus making the profit time function warning irrelevant. If you have any questions please feel free to send us a private message.
How do I find out which settings are the optimal for individual stocks?
Updated Bitcoin Settings
Some Updated charts

Hi! Very interesting. Are the circle red S and green B Sell and Buy Signals printed in the chart? And the emoticons profit taking, also printed in the chart?
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