My Bitcoin Price Model V1.0

As promised here's the indicator with the formula of my blog article
There are 3 lines:
Fair Price Line or Bottom Line = indicates the fair price of Bitcoin and it's also an important historical support line
MidLine = indicates the regression applied to all data points since July 2010 and can be seen as an upper limit of the fair price, above midline starts "bubble territory"
TopLine = indicates the regression of all bitcoin all time high or the maximum price extension from the fair price line.
Sep 07
Catatan Pelepasan: Updated version with new deviation lines.
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thank you so much Enky for this fantastic script... As far as I can see it has been very well founded and professionally worked out by you. Unfortunately I am not a programmer / mathematician so I was not able to modify the script in a way that your three curves will reach into the future like in the picture in your blog article. If you don't mind it would be great if you could also post a modified script or publish it on tradingview that will last in the future. Thanks a lot manuel
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