Hulk Strategy

This strategy is for now, experimental so be careful using it. I wanted to employ a strategy that took a lot of positions. This is my first attempt at a strategy that does that so it's a work in progress. In order to get a really good backtest, I had to tighten up the risk-management. This means that it takes very short-lived positions so if you use this, don't use a ton of leverage (Higher fees I think). If you have some time to fiddle with the settings and come up with some settings that allow the loosening up of the risk rules, please let me know them.

Tested on: XBTUSD / 27m

To become a member and gain access to this and my other strategies, sign up as either a Sperm Whale, Megaladon, or Blue Whale at https://tlaw.co.
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would like to try your set up. kindly give access.
i already registered the web, what should i do next?
You've been killing it with the strategies my man, appreciate your hard work!
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