MacnBTC - Moving Average Setup

This is a quick throw together of MacnBTC MAs he describes on twitter .

Simply put, using the mix of SMAs and MAs to identify higher timeframe trading opportunities. To buy and or sell the various retests.

Timeframes to be used with: 4H, 12H, 1D, 1W, 1M

From his twitter thread;

Concept 1: As we remember MAs can either be flat or in a uptrend or downtrend.

When an asset is in an uptrend (price is trading above all key MAs and MAs are following price at an uptrend angle) we can keep bidding key MAs to buy retraces until MAs start turning flat.

When the MAs start turning flat we know that the uptrend is coming to a halt or end.

Concept 2: The more times price taps an MA the weaker it becomes

As with support and resistances, the more times they get retested the weaker they become

First tap of a support is followed by the strongest reaction from buyers. The 2nd retest will be weaker n 3rd might break

- Basically after a bullish trend starts we want to be bidding the first highest untapped MA.

- After a bearish trend starts we want to be doing the same thing except we want to be selling/shorting.

My favourite MAs to buy retraces on after a bullish trend starts:

- SSMA 7
- SSMA 25
- 100 MA
- 200 MA / 200 EMA combo

Example of a simple strategy you could use if you are a swing trader.

- We caught a bull trend late. We bid and buy SSMA 25 1D retests

- We exit with a loss if one or several 1D candles close under 25 SSMA

- We ride the trend till 25 SSMA 1D turns flat

How do I know when to change timeframes - when do I switch from a 1W timeframe to 1D etc?

Good question.

Zooming in on lower timeframes is useful to find entries as the lower timeframe MAs get retested more.

A 4H 200 MA will get retested more than 1D 200

Zooming in can help us find next areas of support.

Let's say price lost and started trading under 4H MA 200, we can switch to 12h, 1D or even 1W to find the next support levels

Practical example: Buying/selling at MA 200 on different timeframes

After a uptrend/downtrend starts we can usually place bids/asks at a fresh and untested MA 200 for some easy money.

Always check higher timeframes for confirmation before entering trades.

- Identify all potential support/resistance levels.

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