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Nov 29, 2018

Zimbabwe: Opportunity & Risk in the Breadbasket of Africa

Zimbabwe has just been shaken by the ouster of its longtime president, Robert Mugabe, who held power in the country for nearly forty years. Now, John Legat, CEO and Lead Fund Manager of Imara Asset Management, brings us the story of political unrest and economic opportunity from on the ground in its capital city, Harare.
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World experts in specialist areas share their vision for the future. Some say that the future is with us already – it’s just not evenly distributed. In this colorful and engaging series, some of the brightest thinkers in their given fields try to do their part by sharing what innovations from self-driving cars to new genomic medicine could mean for society.
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Zimbabwe: Opportunity & Risk in the Breadbasket of Africa
Nov 29, 2018
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