Nintendo: Interesting long setup

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I think we have a nice opportunity in Nintendo , specially if we opt for going long the yen denominated stock, since we'd gain exposure to the Yen, which I see as a good idea in any portfolio. The OTC market stock is poised to rally as well, to the order of 95% or so, with 20% downside risk in it based on the monthly setup on chart. If trading the TSE stock, you have a nice monthly long setup with 18% downside risk. There is a considerable spread when comparing Nintendo to the likes of Sony , so that might also be a good setup to check out (pair trade).

Setup #1: Go long 7974 or NTDOY , risking 20% downside, aiming for a 100% return within a year.
Setup #2: Short an 85% size position in SNE and long 100% size on NTDOY (risking 1% at 11.90% and 13.91% from entry respectively)

Check out my updated track record here: http://pastebin.com/6CyyqnPT

If interested in my real time whatsapp alerts and swing trading newsletter, or in personal tuition, contact me privately. I'm offering a considerable discount on a packaged course which includes access to my private trading signals list for a year.


Ivan Labrie

Link to Tim West's chatroom: https://www.tradingview.com/chat/#c8Bzrh...
We discuss setups like this often there. Feel free to stop by and subscribe to his indicator pack. If you have any questions ask.

Risk disclaimer: My analysis is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. I will not accept liability for any loss or damage including, without limitation, to any loss of profit which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.
Komen: I think we have a new bull market in NTDOY...this is really powerful.
I'd look to buy dips from here onwards. Not entering here.
Komen: Waiting for bad news to buy...for now, it's too far gone.
Komen: Insane run...wow.

If you took the long, you may close half and buy it back on dips.
I'd wait for an oversold daily decline here.
Komen: You may exit any time you wish, but do it quick.

The target was barely missed, but considering it was a monthly target...I'd say it'll drop similarly fast now.
Dagangan aktif: We have an uptrend continuation setup here:

You can reenter risking a 7% decline and aim to make 15-20%.
I'm following this and looking for an entry signal. Maybe a consolidation to the 21 level??
IvanLabrie RJHumphries
Long term, it's an uptrend, I'd wait for a monthly pullback.
Hey Ivan, FYI: important side-note on Nintendo and this release of GO. There has been a criminal element brought upon those who have Nintendo GO. Kids are being lured to locations with the hopes of acquiring new Pokemon characters only to be ambushed and robbed of their personal belongings such as their cell phones, Nintendo DS's, money, etc. Plus, the predatory element of child predators using this new GO feature to prey on children. So while the initial release may appear to be a success, there already is a huge negative public backlash in the making. Just wanted to pass on the intel.
IvanLabrie coondawg71
Yes, you're right...probably a catalyst soon for a decline to support. I'd still consider it with potential upside simply due to the way the technical setup and the valuation looks.
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