American Airlines $AAL Trailing Earnings Yield 14.5%!

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At $46.3 last in $AAL you are looking at 15% or so in earnings yield using

$1.25 for April 2016
$1.77 for July 2016
$2.80 for October 2016
$0.92 for January 2017
$6.74 in earnings / $46.3 last for AAL shares
14.55% yield.
I like how this chart is displaying the earnings at each quarter's "Key Earnings Level" so you can see which earnings are higher or lower, based on seasonality .
Look at the earnings yield of $AAL when the stock was at $25 briefly in June 2016 - The trailing earnings were $8.64 which put the EARNINGS YIELD at OVER 30%!!!!

I think you can see what attracted Warren Buffett to the sector and made him accumulate large positions across the sector. You can research which ones he purchased, but even 3 quarters later the earnings yield had you purchased at $25 is well over 20%. The key is knowing what your return requirement is when you go hunting for stocks.

Pretty incredible earnings yields.

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2/9/2017 4:50PM EST 46.30 last $AAL
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Did you use the screener on TV to find the stocks with high earnings yields?
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IvanLabrie dave.seremek
@dave.seremek, he helped designing it.
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timwest dave.seremek
@dave.seremek, Good question Dave. I have fundamental data on my charts so I can quickly assess the valuation, so I try to be aware of it all the time. The TV screener is great too. I am a big "free cash flow" fan too, since that most closely correlates to what it is like to "own the business".
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@timwest, I was just wondering if you screened thousands of stocks to get a hot list of high earning yielding stocks then drilled down to the charts to look for ones that meet you trading specifications.
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timwest dave.seremek
@dave.seremek, I do screen names from time to time at the end of the year to look for cheap and beaten down stocks. This time, however, I found it because I follow it.
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