AAPL - 4h - The iShort

NASDAQ:AAPL   Apple Inc.
Dilihat 109 kali
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95 is a key level for this stock right now. It was the SSB level of the Ichimoku cloud (weekly chart) back in May/Jul 2015, and is therefore a vital and strong support area . Break this and the price may dive to intermediate supports at 90 and 84 (Summer 2015) that I extracted from the SSB in daily chart . If the market continues to produce a bloodbath, the level 78 could be in sight.

The "iShort" would be taken if 95 is broken, with an entry around 94.60. TP1 at 90 (in this scenario the SL would be tighter) otherwise TP at 85/84 (SL at 100 or trailing SL with Kijun or cloud bottom).

Check idea by 2waytrading as well with other levels of interest.
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