Generation 3: ADA Taking BTC's Breath Away

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Do not act on this information:
This chart uses two anchor points based on 7/77/231 Moving Averages crossing to draw the conclusion that there is strong support for Cardano price increase in terms of BTC for this most previous cycle. The first step of creating this chart was to find where the green 7 Moving Average crossed the White 231 Moving Average. Then, the green 7 day moving average crossed the orange 77 day moving average. Beside the fact that this measure alone can be used to predict large spikes in price movement, moving average crosses can also be used to "anchor" tools for price forecasting or otherwise. Anchoring means to base the origin point of tools such as my favorite like the Gann fan and Fib levels.
I marked one Gann fan white and placed it on the anchor point of 7/231 crossing and up to its cyclical peek. Interestingly enough - and per usual – this Gann level predicted the top of the next cycle. Keeping the predictive power of the Gann fan in mind, next anchor, 7/77 MA cross, was place from anchor point to the high of it’s cycle. The point of this chart was to analyze the strength of this cycle and price action. However, the key of identifying the strength of this cycle was to place a Fib level, which connects each origin point. This was done before placing a resistance Gann from the 7 MA peek price, to its 7 MA low that closely followed.

Projecting the Fibonacci levels out into the future allows for the eye to catch points of intersection in the Gann fans easier. The closer a Gann fan is to it’s origins, the more it will correlate with price action. However, the further away current price action is from a Gann Fan’s origin, the less likely a Gann Fan’s trend lines will correlate with current price action. However, when intersections of Gann Fan trend lines occur, then there is a much greater degree of probability that these lines will correlated with current or future price action. Therefore, marking points or areas where support and resistance are correlated can serve to forecast high probability areas of consolidation or support. A bounce from one Fib level support to a high Fib level support is indicated by the white arrows on the above chart.

When forecasting future price action it is important to take note of probability in terms of where and what price action is occurring at the moment. For instance, there is a crossing of support and resistance for both the 77 and 231 moving average that corresponds to the current price action’s support Fib level of Cardano, which is marked on the above chart with an arrow symbolizing support forecast moving in the direction to the next Gann fan cross. This indicates a high likelihood of an increase in price in the next few days. Although, if this support range fails to punch ADABTC price high in the short term and Cardano’s price instead reverses trend, then the support level with the next best likelihood is marked further into the future.

After establishing those two areas of probability for support, placing a Fib Time Zone on the two anchor points is prudent as a final measurement of probability. The changes in price level that are likely to happen nearby or at the Gann fan and Fib level crossings are even more probable when they take place linearly (in time) with the Fib Time Zone. This tool is very useful in measuring cycles or when large shifts in price occur, relative to previous shifts in price action. In this case, Fib time zones are highly correlated to Gann Fan crosses. The current trend in the price of Cardano will remain in mid to long term, while withstanding a short term correction. In terms of BTC , 0.000017 or 0.000012 are probable levels to implement an acute accumulation strategy for ADABTC .
Komen: I totally crushed this and have not sold. I think ada is going to maybe 0.00012 BTC. We'll see!!!
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