ADA/ETH - Cardano - Bullish Rally in Minor 3

BITTREX:ADAETH   Cardano / Ethereum
ADA/ETH has pleased me those who followed by unfolding as I was expecting it, not disappointing.
In fact, it tripled in value, as mentioned in the previously posted "Cardano – ADA/ETH – Bullish 5th Wave" .

Cardano was released recently and it’s looking like “the next big thing”.
Wave Count presented below suggests that Cardano could triple in value over a short amount of time.

Since the time the targets were reached, ADA/ETH dropped like a rock, as expected and signaled to my private followers.

The Retracement unfolded as a Double Three (WXY) pattern, with a Triangle visible in Minute Wave X (blue).
This sell-off would represent Minor 2 (purple) and would finalize at or around the 0.00036 Levels, which I will be watching like a hawk.
Cardano could benefit from the temporary weakness which I am seeing in ETH and BTC and could start a much bigger Rally, one which would lead it towards 0.0040 .

ADA/ETH - BUY Position:
Entry - 0.00036
SL - 0.00015
Targets - 0.00075 / 0.00115 / 0.00155 / 0.00215 / 0.00275 / 0.0035 / 0.0040

Many pips ahead!
Komen: ADAETH could fly from here as it shows a possible Bullish Sequence.
However, if another low would occur, it would be final.
Komen: ADA/ETH ready for lift-off !
Komen: ADA/ETH bounced from 0.00036 Levels, which were mentioned from day 1.
Talk about a perfect entry!
What now? ETH & BTC are crashing and this means that ADA is worthless right? Wrong!
ADA’s value will increase along with ETH as it is built on ETH block-chain.
It is independent of course which is a good thing and also has more advanced technology behind it, could be a valuable token for the future Crypto Market.
For those who are holding ADA, keep it! Once these pump-and-dump phases would finalize, ETH & BTC would go up.
Levels in Focus for ETH & BTC to bounce: ETH/EUR – 300 , BTC/USD – 4500-3500 range.
Komen: Don't think about it, just buy ADA and hold it!
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any update?
Lionheart-EWA blinkmejosh
@blinkmejosh, posted the requested update
What potential actions push ADA down from point 4 to 5?
@glebowski, important update posted, take a look.
glebowski Lionheart-EWA
@Lionheart-EWA, Thanks. Are the price targets still in play?
@glebowski, yep
400k Satoshis? Isn't that pushing it a little? Sorry I new here and enjoying your material, as I saw that you called the cardano run in December. Can you guesstimate when the upward movement begins? What a beginner like me and many who will read your idea should looking for and keep an eye on? Thank you so much!
cryptodoom Mishkamisho
@Mishkamisho, it's ada/eth dude. 0.004 eth per ada. very optimistic guess in the short term but totally accessible in mid-long term.
Mishkamisho cryptodoom
@cryptodoom, totally missed it. Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it.
@cryptodoom, Thanks for clearing things up, take a look at the update, we could be on our way.
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