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Simply wanted to post this for those who may not be familiar with this coin/project. I CONSIDER THIS COIN TO BE ONE TO HODL (Hold On for Dear Life).

If you watch this video, you'll see what I mean. You should be able to get all the links you need to find the information you need, developers to follow on Twitter , etc... in the following video. You will also get other recommendations of coins to consider HODLING.

"Get Ready For Cardano Bull Run in 2018?" -

Indicators with chart to be followed shortly.

Here's the current chart in case TradingView scrunches up the chart:

Komen: With Indicators:

180m TF:

360m TF:

720m TF:

Komen: This update has nothing to do with ADA. This is an update on TRON (TRXBTC) - Binance:

Where I think TRON is going:

Komen: One more update on TRON...

Not quite sure where the 2nd Gun Down is located because of limited history. Which means I'm providing two possible price points for where TRXBTC is going:

Komen: After reading these two links on TRON (TRX) I sold...
Komen: Sounds like TRON (TRX) has been hyped up with lies to pump and dump!!! I could be wrong but it looks that way.
Komen: REMEMBER: This publication is for ADA. I was skeptical about posting an "idea" for TRON (TRX) because of lack of knowledge about it's utility and doubt of its utility in entertainment (games). It's not what all the hype says.
Komen: Hoping this current Preliminary Support Level holds as Support. Time will tell...

Komen: As I have explained in publications from the past. I "normally" do not post "ideas" on ALT/BTC or ALT/ETH pairs.


Cause one would have to also do TA on BTCUSD and/or ETHUSD as well.

For example: If you chose to trade ETHBTC based off TA , you would also have to do TA on BTCUSD and ETHUSD. Otherwise, you can get burned. Especially, if making trades on ETHBTC with margin. Ever notice how the majority of crypto exchanges do not allow margin trading with crypto in USD or USDT? Why do you suppose that is? It's because one can easily get margin called with ALT/BTC pairs. ALT/BTC pairs can be easily manipulated based on price action occurring in BTCUSD and ALTUSD pairs.
currently at .0006
I think ADA is consolidating great right here in prep for a moon shot. Had several chances to crumble at the $1 Psychological barrier and she's holding her ground. I could not agree more this is one to HODL. My team will be visiting their research headquarters in Edinburgh next week.
Thank you for your ideas and how you are trying to warn people not to chase whatever is in green like a sheep.

Crypto Doggies from Tron is a clone of Crypto Kitties. That alone is a red flag.

If they can't come up with their own original ideas, then I don't expect them to be able to produce anything that will revolutionize blockchain technology.

Sadly, most people don't do research and willing to throw money into anything.

Couldn't agree more! I don't like to see people taken advantage of because of someone else's selfish gain. So, I thought I should give a warning. Yes, I could be wrong and it ends up evolving into something. However, I did not like what I was seeing.
DuckLord ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Tron is getting exposed:
Bag holders are getting angry.

By the way, Have you heard about Raiden Network? I recently came across this project and I think it has big potential.
It can do 1 million transactions per second and the fee to transfer is lower than ripple.
Not many have heard of the project yet because they don't hype it like Tron. But I can see their progress on github and really like what I'm seeing.
Hello @ProwdClown ! I have found some links for you to look at.

There might happening same FOMO on 19th Dec for EMC2 with TRX

They working and companies interested to make partnership:
Why it happening?! They might have some BIG BOSSes with "long hands" to dead with.

Wow, games?! The something like XEMs' "Xarcade". It is also interested by people:

In fast technologies development the locking up for 2 year the assets is enough long period. In case of Litecoin 6 years was normal period when the blockchain (decentralizators) was not using marketing as much as now.

Thanks for your reply, I'll check out your links. I'll post another here from reddit for you to read in case you haven't: By the way, "Chinese language was in a few spots and it would not let me post it here. So, I had to replace the Chinese language with the phrase "Chinese Language" inside brackets.

Posted the following on "Why I think Tron is bullshit", might as well post it here too since I did the work.
Apparently, I'm the only motherfucker who actually reads Chinese here, so let me share with you guys what I've found on Chinese sites regarding (Peiwo)
It's at least 2 years old according to Zhihu, a Chinese Quora/Yahoo like site. The OP there is asking what does everyone think of the Peiwo App, and the topmost upvoted answer was posted on 2017-03-25, saying she used it for two years and got off because too many weirdos started using it.
What the fuck does the app do? To put it bluntly, you get people to voice/video chat with you, and there's a section where you can pay to do that. Source: Chinese Baidu Wiki
Date first available on Appstore: 2014-9-15 Source: Chinese Baidu Wiki
User count: Who the fuck knows? But let's do this. Baidu has a message board system called Tieba. If I compare the Tieba user count and message count of Peiwo to a different, similar app, that's gonna give you a rough idea right? So Peiwo's message board has 3,003 users following it and 12,071 posts. By comparison, the Chinese Tinder equivalent dating app Momo's message board has 389,098 followers and 1,073,496 posts, or 129.56 times more followers and 89 times more posts. Momo's user count is supposedly 100,000,000. Now most of those posts are thirsty thots trying to get laid so let's find another example. YY , a twitch like broadcasting platform app, supposedly 500,000,000 users. Its message board has 768422 followers and 23552499 posts. That's 255 times more followers and 1951 times more posts. Assuming there's a direct correlation between user count and message board post count/follower (there's really not), that would put Peiwo's user base between 256,278 - 1,960,754. If we do the calculation using Momo's 100,000,000 supposed user count, that puts Peiwo's range between 771,843 - 1,123,595 users.
Peiwo is actually owned by Justin Sun, the guy who made Tron. According to The baidu wiki, it's parent company is . and the CEO is aka Justin Sun.
In conclusion: There's not a lot of data out there, draw your own god damn conclusions. My opinion is that while Peiwo may have 1 Million users, that's a drop in the bucket in the Chinese app market and doesn't mean jack shit. Am I still gonna hold on to my TRX? You bet your ass I am.
Edit: Oh lookie what I've found, a god damn Chinese app ranking list: Momo is at 75, YY is at 106, Peiwo is nowhere to be seen in the Top 500. Tsk tsk.
Edit 2: Another ranking, posted in October, scroll halfway down to see the top 1000. : Momo is at rank 48, YY is at 110, and Peiwo is nowhere in sight, not that anywhere I can see anyway. Friggin chart is in jpg, not searchable. But I skimmed through the 2 character apps in the Top 1000 and I don't see
Edit 3: Out of curiosity I tried to look for chinese crypto buyer's thoughts on TRON, found;all. General consensus is that it's a trash coin with nothing backing it up. While it might go up in price, it won't last too long.
Agree. The fundamental makes cardano an exelent buy and hold opportunity. I have one questions. Do you keep your ADA coins at the exchange wallet or the Daedalus wallet ?
stampe ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Thanks
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