In your table you united different strategies. There's a saying: "Trying to take the best from to traders you will take the worst.". Let's get into some details.
Your gartley is Scott Carney's "Ideal Gartley" pattern. It is not traded the same way as Tradeempowered Gartley or Larry Pasavento's Gartley. You should define PRZ for your entry and look at the priceaction there. Your targets and stops are also not consistent with "Ideal Gartley" stops and targets. Carney doesn't use fibs to define targets.
Your bat pattern is neither Carney's bat (B should be 38,2- cannot touch 61,8%) nor it is Tradeempowered Bat (B should be 50- cannot touch 61,8%). And again, you are trading it the same way as above.
Cypher pattern is incorrect. It doesn't have maximums in B and C points. These points just mustn't have a close beyond 61,8 and 1,414 correspondently.
And D-point should exceed B. It is compulsory.

See what I mean? Some ratios are taken here from one trader. Entry technique is taken from another person and your targets are taken from the third one.

If you know that trading is about probabilities you should know that even slight interference into a strategy rules can lead to unpredictable results.

And also no word here about: How do you define XA leg? You just take whatever movement of the Market?

And yes about the saying of that Person on the chart. Totally disagree. Traders lose not because they take none-existent patterns but because they are not disciplined enough to continue trading the same pattern until new equity high appears. About luck. If you are lucky enough to guess the movement of the market 30 times out of 100 and you have a risk to reward ratio 1:5 you will generate tons of money. The ability to do it consistently is called a skill.
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Trading_Jazz Alexander_Nikitin
Thanks for share your view ;)
Trading_Jazz Alexander_Nikitin
This is not my trading stategie in fact. You do not define a strategie drawing patterns on a chart, in fact you have nothing here!! Just a chart, and you are calling them cyphers and bat patterns, not me ;)
About those ratios you are using, or that you are saying are the correct one's, i can present you a full hand of traders with different ratios, same as elliott counters, all of them have different waves counts. I do not look for exact prices or fib levels, i use previous structure to define a zone and not an exact price or fib level. I only use advanced patters to get some sync, i do not believe in luck. I only use this "table" as support and not as granted. And to finish here, obviously i do not take whatever movement the market print to start drawing a pattern, but i think the best way to check that is to look into my profile and check some previous charts...
There's people calling me the best on harmonics here on tradingview, thing i do not believe, because i have a lot to learn, i do really appreciate you comment, it give's something to think, and it was the objective to post a chart like this, i was expecting some reaction like your's. Thanks ;) and have a nice trading week ahead.
Yeap, mate. That's what I was talking about. They are not your strategies at all. " I only use advanced patters to get some sync" - this means that you're not good in your "structure strategy" because you need some confiramtion like a pattern. Don't get me wrong. I don't want you to be offended with my words or something. Just sharing with you my thoughts and beliefs. You need to work out a strategy that will tell you exact entries and exits and also will tell you hou much you need to risk. It should answer whatever question you can have. Only in this case you won't need any confirmations or some sync with other strategies. I told you that trading is about probabilities. The outcome is predictable only if you defined all the variables in advance and you use those variables in every trade. By adding some confirmation, you are adding a new variable to your strategy. Are you sure that your overall results will be improved if you use it? Adding a new variable you are making your results unpredictable. Note that I don't say "worse", I said "unpredictable"
Trading_Jazz Alexander_Nikitin
Sir Alexander ;), using harmonics to get some sync doesn't mean nothing, even less that i'm not secure about my trading technique ;). Harmonics are based on fib levels, and that's only that, its just one more thing, it does not mean i use them as my real live trades, even less as entry points, i can use them within my analysis, but all you can see here on TV is far away from my live trading strategie, i use TV as a lab and not as my trading room or trading journal since im not a signal service provider ;). It's very rare to post my real live trades here, in fact, you can only find a couple. Adding a new variable that is synced with your mastered technique and share them among the people here, eventualy will help someone to start develop his own strategie. And please keep comment, i realy appreciate your comments, we are allways learning, and sometimes when we think we are already mastering something, we are not in fact, and those comments will help people to forge a mental structure. I will become a better trader if i look around ;) Cheers and Thanks!
Ok. Your thinkinking is not flexible enough yet to grasp my idea. Maybe I am not very good in explaining and teaching. Never mind the above written then. Cheers)
But dude ! market is not a natural entity by itslf but consists of only humans who not only find but make patterns also !! This my view only. Thanks !
;) Welcome to tradingview ;)
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Thanks for your comments!
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