AUD/JPY forms Gravestone and Symmetric triangle, short via PRBS

FX:AUDJPY   Dolar Australia /Yen Jepun
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The pair has been fragile to hold onto the crucial support at around 87.299.

Breaks below this support after the yesterday’s formation of Gravestone Doji at 86.890.

For now heading test the supports at 86.604 and even 85.895 levels which we already stated earlier that it was unable to breach above these levels, as a result more weakness is anticipated in this pair at current level.

More importantly, as shown in the diagram symmetric triangle pattern is spotted out, this symmetrical continuation triangle ( Bearish ) is deemed a bearish signal, indicating that the current downtrend may continue upto above stated support levels.

EOD             graphs reveal bearish sentiments, you can figure out the pair has currently fallen below 10DMA and headed towards south.

More importantly, leading oscillators like RSI and slow stochastic curves began showing convergence with the previous downswings; we believe this as bears are getting active.

RSI is currently trending at around 52.7236 that has been showing downward convergence to the price dips from 70 levels which is overbought zone.

While bears to extract maximum leverage to their returns as we can see the attempts of %D crossover that is signifying again more retracement is likely and it gives us one more reliable indication that the pair is likely to find above mentioned support level .

Option strategy: Put Ratio Back Spreads (PRBS)

As we expect the underlying currency exchange rate of AUDJPY             to make a larger move on the downside, purchase 1M 2 lots of At-The-Money -0.52 delta puts and sell 1W one lot of (1%) In-The-Money put option.

I am short this pair myself having seen similiar upcoming moves as you in the price action. I wanted to stop by and say, well illustrated, clean chart, clear reasoning, and intelligent trading options you've posted here. Nice work. I hope this one ends up profitable for you (us). Cheers.
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