AMERICAN EXPRESS @ 15 min. @ this week, next week into Christmas

BreakOut yeasterday - earlier as excepted ...
I personally thought the market will breath out before ECM Mario today & FOMC Yellen next week and rise after both meetings into christmas - even into year end 2016. How ever, Independently of the central bank decissions it seems that the technical outbreak has been successful ...
  • 74.18 - 73.05 AXP grey box (price zone incl. next week - above last OuBreak)
  • 73.05 - 72.65 AXP green box (superordinate price zone - after last OutBreak)
  • 72.67 - 71.18 AXP yellow box (actuallity price zone this week - under last OutBreak)

Don`t jumpt behind the prices, like a missed bus.
We`ll see prices between 73 & 74 AXP surely next week.
And from this point of view, even based on this conclusions, i am still prefering the long side.
But even conservative - contrarian buying opportubnities - cause the fundamentals are strong also.
And this means, at least my opinion, buying the dips into christmas and year end. `Cause the high of 2016 was by 68.11 AXP and this was the 1st price 2016 - even opening price`16. All in all around 10% in 2016 should not make the market euphoric - like the whole financial and banking sector. `Cause we, all market particpants (traders, watchers, analysts, etc. etc.) have the so called crises since 2008 still not surpassed. At least price technically - even far away from new highs like JPM Morgan for example ...

Take care
& analyzed it again
- it`s always your decission ...
(for a bigger picture zoom the chart)

Best regards
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