UPDATE: BCH Trading Active To $6,000

POLONIEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
Bitcoin Cash trade is very bullish . Target as before, stands at $6,000
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Komen: We are approaching our new Safe buy Zone
Komen: Are you a risky investor? We recommend --> Don't buy if reached 2,000. Wait, it might reach $1,800-$1,900
Komen: Trade active ones again
Komen: BCH outperforming on it's way to 6,000

If you invested, enjoy the ride!
Komen: To Moon without Return
Komen: Targets have potential of shifting. We are looking at $8,000 Targets at this point. Slight retrace drops still possible and are most likely due to happen.
Komen: Target 1 Achieved
Komen: Next target 3,000
Komen: Very Bullish Patter Here - Long (20 Day) Hold Buy Recommendation from Us
Komen: Very Bullish Pattern Here - Long (20 Day) Hold Buy Recommendation from Us
Komen: GDAX added Bitcoin Cash to their exchange. Now this is what we call Mind Blowing news!!
Komen: Coinbase officially lists Bitcoin Cash
Komen: Target Potential 62% of Bitcoin (MAXT)
Komen: Target 2 Reached
Komen: Chart Update:

Waiting on GDAX Coinbase to resume normal trade

Komen: "Nothing Goes Up, Without Going Down"
Komen: STOP LOSS 10% from bought price

A lot of people are infuriated with coinbase for insider trading and etc... but that's just the reality of crypto world at this stage... the more noise we send out on twitter and other social platforms, the faster the government will be there to regulate and control our crypto trades. Please just chill out and live decentralized!

UPDATE ON COINBASE GDAX - Trade Resumes Tomorrow YES!
Komen: With Coinbase GDAX resuming trade later today as they mentioned on Twitter, we may get ready for another possible ride up!
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Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Congratulations to everyone who listened

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@CryptoManiac101 Hi, after this pump/dump, what is the next target ? Or long term hold ?
@kevin8622, 3,000 but it has a potential of dropping after that down to 1,000
kevin8622 CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, Ok, thank you
@kevin8622, Anytime! Join our free chat room
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@kevin8622, just go to out website in our description and click 'Join Free Chat'
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kevin8622 CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, Yeah, just joined few mins ago ;) Thanks (also already send something)
kevin8622 kevin8622
@kevin8622, sent you something*
vetokey CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, and than stay there?
To everyone raging about coinbase on Twitter and other social platforms, chill out please. Too much unnecessary media attention is not needed at this stage of crypto world!
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62percent of bitcoin price.. dont you think its a little too much
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