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Many requests for the Bitcoin' cash chart. Well to be honest it has been lack luster of late after having an explosive November. Its quite frankly trading sideways and even though the channel has a nice spread on it, I think one could trade it. Buying the low end of the channel and selling the high of the channel. It has been pretty consistent. Keep in mind it is up more than 400% since mid October. This is a great return so far, but I believe we go higher from here, even though recently it has been pretty lackluster. Is it because of Roger's outrage on youtube? Probably not, like him or hate him you should have respect for the guy! I do. Unlike my lack of faith in Charlie I believe in Roger! How do you bet against Bitcoin' Jesus? I think it is sac religious but regardless of one's opinion it is what it is.

He has also teamed up with another genius, John McAfee, and has invested millions of dollars into various crypto startups is enough for me to want to invest in his vision. Can you imagine the conversations between John and Roger? I'd give 1/2 a bitcoin' to be in that room! I think my mind would explode!

But to be honest, it's all about Bitcoin' right now. It has really stolen the show, and there are not too many coins that have not succumb to the publicity of late. Yes there are a few, but none of the majors other than those trading on coinbase! Lucky for Charlie! But I believe that Bitcoin' Cash' will be the next coin on coinbase and this will boost momentum and price targets.

I know there is the theory that everyone will sell their BCH' for bitcoin once released on Coinbase. Well the argument is most that were in the space at the time, understood this, and had their money on a private wallet and have already sold out. If you keep your money on coinbase it's because your an investor not a trader! So in my opinion it's more likely to see new money flow into BCH' as money flows in from all the hype.

Bottom line.
1) It has name recognition
2) Roger is very respected in the community, regardless on your views on him personally
3) It has faster processing and is cheaper
4) It has scaling
5) It's the real vision for Satoshi. (In my opinion)
6) The website is professional and provides access to merchant providers that you can accept bitcoin

So long term we just need to be patient and wait for the bitcoin' hype to be over with! Roger That!
hey @goldbug1 , can you do an update on BCH. It seems like a bullish break out is coming soon! :)
Hello, excellent your analysis. New update of this TA? Tks :)
Agree. Bitcoin cash is the real one. I see people starting to understand there the real bitcoin is.
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Bitfinex , spiking ?

shocking , 120 $ spike down that Bitstamp doesn't have like

1368 Bistamp low on same candle
1453 bitfinex spiking out millions in S/L

I will stop trading with Bitfinex it's happened to many times to open market positions ( never do that with them ) and drop 50 pips + in a mili second and straight back up .

guidowss casstete
@casstete, yeah this happens a lot in bitfinex, if you check the NEO graph during that last time we had that BTC price correction from 11K to 9K you will see that it had a spike 400% below the regular price.
Still today it’s hard to analyze NEOs graph because the auto viewing is messy
casstete guidowss
@guidowss, very true , they do it a lot with BCH , that image i sent they did it a few minutes later again , all clip the obvious S/L zones and retract instantly .

Opening market positions is also asking for trouble , they opened one in such a spike 100 pips down and tole me they try to make instant market pricing .

BS they trading against customers not happy to make the commissions alone like 99% of the Jewish Zionist FOREX here in Cyprus .

BITMEX is the only professional one I seen and they only trade against BTC not USD which at this point is becoming totally useless .

Alles washlappen ; )
Many thanks for the BCH analysis... I picked up a little BCH back when it was below $500, mainly after following your posts for a bit (so many thanks!)
However lately it appears to be lagging some of the other altcoins in regard to price action, so have been suffering a bit of FUD to the point of thinking "hey this crypto thing is supposed to be making everyone lots of easy money - maybe it isn't all that was promised!?"

It is difficult to find reliable information to substantiate your own ideas and perspectives, so it is always great to see some charts and analysis from a highly respected TV guru!

Excellent Job my friend.
Can someone educate me about what is happening here and what are the possible moves for BCH ?
Honestly, in a way BTG follows santoshi concept of Decentralization while BCH already have a 70% miners cartel on it but fee is low but not low enough then other currency. It's just a way we see things, as BTG can be mine with GPU most people can mine it. These all are fork coins which are actually better than ICO.

I would love to see a post for BTG soon from you.

There's no reason to hate Roger, only reason i could see if you have bought BCH above $2000 and sold early before thinking that you could recover with some patience.
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