Too much FUD only means one thing. BUY BUY BUY!

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We've been getting our @$$ beat with no lube for the past 3 months now. All this fud that you see coming out is because people want YOU to sell YOUR cheap COINS to THEM. Think about it. If there is limited supply of btc and everyone wants the price to drop so they can buy MORE...... why are you selling? The sentiment right now is bearish yes, but that means we will be very bullish once again when the buy and hodl sentiment returns. BTC will rise again like usual and you will be left out, again! Don't sell your coins to those damn bears. We're consolidating nicely around 9k, the market is soaking up all those coins being sold like a sponge. When the sellers run out prices will skyrocket. There will ALWAYS be more buyers than sellers. Because there are billions of people in this world, only a fraction of them are in the game, what happens if more and more people start getting in? We are far from dropping to 5k,6k,7k, or even 8k. This may be the last time to get your coin on the cheap.
If we are far from dropping to 7k/8k as per this analysis... WHY DID WE DROP TO THOSE AREAS? :)
good Ic an hold cash it till the work is done
Condiments primbech
@primbech, what??
GordonGekko33 Condiments
@Condiments, better you had short that thing there buddy
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