A thought about the near future of bitcoinbear

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The green zone is my buyzone, just a litle above the upgoing trendli and i was wondering if some more advanced traders could give their opinion ?
I just read alot of other traders stuff and just think this is the thing that was most mentioned the most, so its definitely no advice. so feel free to give it a go ;)

Thanks alot! and sorry for poor english!
head and shoulders targets should be measured from the neckline, to the peak of the head. From there take that number and subtract it from the neckline and you'll get your buy zone, BTC has been trading extremely by the book, probably due to all the novice traders, however expect extreme support at the 11k range, and for it to trade sideways there for a bit to catch its breath, you can either trade this zone and make some profits, or sit out and wait for confirmation of uptrend or downtrend continuation.
Fish40 ant187
@ant187, thanks for the advice! but i'm not a good trader, just a young guy who got lucky to get into btc in the earlyer days. Did got out in the 2de shoulder around 16k went and buy some alts, got profit and sold a big portion of everything and now looking for a buy in lower and get the most out of it in the long term. So i won't trade in a small range, i like to make mistakes in this :p. 11k to 9k is 2k, should u take the risk and place them on 9 or u should go 11 and see what times brings us ? its for the long term so i'm not losing something but missing out on a few coins, hmhmhm. And i'm in finals so i want to place a buyorder and be safe for a while an not feel the stress to look at it every hour...
ant187 Fish40
@Fish40, There's no guaranteed answer, set your buy @ 8k and see what happens, but it might never get there, just like it may go lower, we don't know, the only way to know is to be attentive and watch as it develops, if you can't do that then nobody can guarantee you anything.
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