Speed Heartbeating - Discovering a HLBRX

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First find the axis of the Heartbeat with a Fib Retracement in Price

Then Find if the Heartbeat is symmetrical by measureing it´s wavelength using a time retracement..

This is an asymmetrical Heartbeat with an Eve (Round bottom in the air) and an Adam (Spike) min..

We listen to history and this looks like a Wooly Mammoth or Humpback Whale.. Bullish as..

The Axis is a magnet..

Modern Heartbeaters limit risk using Range trading, a form of DCA .

Best of Luck !!

Adam and Eve terms are borrowed from the Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns. Buy it and cram it minimum!

The ancient bulls are back !! Yeahhh !
Nice - will be looking further into this over this holiday period - thanks for the vid! ;-)
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@JN9797, I have a long way to describing ranging but get your head around DCA averaging.. Basically we use a bot to place orders in the order book at levels above and below the axis. When an order is filled another is created.. As long as the price remains in the range of your levels you weather harsh storms. Noise is our friend playing the ranging game.. but basic DCA trading helps in these dips but you improve your risk if you take profit on the same levels. You have to have a plan from the start so you don´t run out of purse and the dip keeps going. I find spreading myself thin and far and wide with as many baskets for my eggs has kept my capital in tact.. You read far too many that buy highs and sell dips of just one coin losing 80% and get all depressed, You have to learn statistics and averaging as a minimum I think, if you are not talented at that from the start you are going to need guts of steel !

Best of luck, love venting this stuff, keeping it fresh, we have to be athletes, active as, so chime in anytime ! Cheers !
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