I Personally Believe We Are Heading to at Least $1,276 before...

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... any kind of major consolidation move of $100 to $130 again. We have officially confirmed a breakout on this "handle" of this "cup" very similar to DASHUSD.

The "Bull" has awakened. This baby isn't looking back. Too much bullish news. For example: The city of Dubai has plans to integrate Bitcoin into their eco-system by the year 2020. Which see:

Here is a GREAT THREAD to find ALL of our "bullish" news:

Our "MAIN" target is $1,674. This is where we are heading on this "handle" in my opinion. We may very well have a bull run up to that point before having a serious consolidation move of about $300+. Again, all of this is my opinion. I'm not responsible for any trades made based of my analysis. Nobody, and I mean "NOBODY" is correct 100 percent of the time.

Happy Trading,


Here is an example of DASHUSD working on its bull run with its "handle." I believe it gives a PRIME example of just how bullish a "handle" can be. Which see:

Komen: For whatever reason, that link I posted is not working if you click on it. You have to copy and paste in your browser for it to work for whatever reason. Sorry about that TV members. Even this one has to be copied and pasted:
Komen: Something must be wrong with TV's hyperlink function at the moment. It's worked many times before.
Komen: This could very well be the time, everyone! Time for what? Have a look:

Komen: Got to brain storming more and wanted to post this chart for future reference:

FYI, you link to bitcoin talk doesn't work for some reason by clicking on it. Though if I cut and paste it, it does work.
Wow, that's odd. Thanks for letting me know that. I don't know why that is. I'm going to post this one in comments above to see if it will work:

Thanks tourist !!!
@tourist, No, it doesn't work either. Very odd.
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