Waves counting and future moves anticipating.

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It's for now more realistic scenario based on Elliot's Waves Theory. However there are more, complicated in nature possibilities (corrections can be more complicated, than those drawed by me). Or 5th waves of lower tiers can be much longer (i think that with so long wave 3rd in 3rd in 3rd in 1st of highest tier, 5th wave should not be so extended, but who knows what market will draw).
Bigger picture just to show the highest tier counting (highest tier impulsive wave on BTC drawed in pink). As You can see Bitcoin is probably still in his wave 3rd. After this wave should do bigger correction, but shape of this correction should not be similar to correction shape of wave 1st (this is that wave up to around 1200$), and not so deep (38.2Fibo should be good correction), and after that Bitcoin should build his last wave up (11000$ is for me minimum length for this wave, can be of course much longer, but after so long wave 3rd of highest tier it is less probable).
Komen: This wave is impressive, but dump after it's end should be painful. Very hard to predict top here, cause Bitcoin in his bullrun have tendency to overextend 3rd waves, who knows if 5th wave can be so overextended in comparison to previous 3rd on the picure below.

your waves does not match any theory. So why using education if this is bull****?
orminlange MiloszKaszynski
@MiloszKaszynski, First of all the market moves will judge if this counting match or not this or any other theory. And in which point this waves counting, does not match EWT? For me it's simple. First wave was to 1200usd, was corrected much deeper than 75% (this percentage vary in case of many exchanges). So when the first wave is corrected so deep, how should look correction of wave third? There should be triangle, flag, diamond or any other shape (but could not be of course similar to correction shape of wave 1st) or rushing correction (proposed by me as example from 8000+area to 5000+area in her first wave down).
orminlange MiloszKaszynski

Is that market behaviour and building of impulsive structure in case of XEMBTC also bullshit? No it's a simple case, that You have no wisdom, and You call all as bull....t. Go educate yourself, i dont have the time to discuss with uneducated buffons like you.
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