Since we are in a bearish market, I think that will be enough to push it lower.
its interesting to see elliott waves at play seems it is doing a 5-3-5 correction pattern it appears....which could mean a possible lower low before huge breakout
Massive Bull Flag but really just a natural Intermediate Cycle in DC2, almost completing a DCL2 here on March 13. Cryptos have started to behave just like commodities and currencies with predictable cycles, but better because of all of the newbies trading with very few fundamentals (relative to say Gold or Oil)
Absolutely fascinating. Thanks for this! It also confirms my long held belief that the end of March will be explosive, we'll see whether that means heading up or down.
+2 Balas
Looks like an ugly head and shoulders that had its neckline retested :(
XenoBiologist john999999
@john999999, That would put us into negative territory!
john999999 XenoBiologist
@XenoBiologist, Won't fully retrace but an alts slaughter might be around the corner :((
XenoBiologist john999999
@john999999, Buying opportunity! There are some I've been wanting to accumulate! 1 million DIGIBYTES here I come!
So on the chart looks like a falling wedge would you agree? From the latest low I tried putting an slightly upwards channel and it seems to fit especially with the new higher lows that are forming on the latest candles!
What is this is this the market cap? how did you get this chart and data? Where can I find this?
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