Bad press for BTC is ganging up and preventing the surge

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Markets don't fulfill wishes, they accidentally create fortunes. It been a difficult 24 hours due to

  • south korea btc hack / 72M theft
    bch added to gdax
    bad press by bitcoin .com guy, puppet of r ver
    what else? oh, forgot only the CME coming aboard

This perfect storm is stallling price hike we all see forthcoming. An awesome distraction.

The last time BCH reared its ugly mug, it lived for a day then crashed. Already on GDAX it's crashed back to earth. 9500? How about 3,600... The sell wall for bch was epic, and the same wall awaits for the bchbtc open

the net effect of cboe is positive -- it paves the way for 10s of billions in institutional money. If you are a fund pro, you are pressured to make a crypto solution or else people will choose between hundreds of new crypto funds, which are making more money in a week than your stock index will all year.

this period will show:
bch doesn't matter because btc has claimed hearts and minds
try to convince wall st people of why bch matters -- it failed last time, and it will fail again

But Korea needs to get its sack together, invalidate those stolen BTC coins like in the ethereum hack, and figure out if they want a piece of this bitcoin thing, otherwise it's moving ahead