Pffff..comparing is difficult with the JOES-fractal!

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I allready thought we weere at mountain 2 (rocket/mountain...)

That's the problem with the 1 minute chart: you really fast think mountains have been formed, or spikes.

But when you zoom-out to 30 minutes or 1-hour chart you get a better overview.

I do think we are still with the first rocket!

I'm still learning too!!!

Komen: wow, who is pulling the strings!?!
Komen: high and spiking!
Komen: now it looks like this:
Komen: 31 feb.
HI, very interesting work.
As you point out it's not very easy to compare/superpose the graphs, and for "us" trying to follow you following the graphs, is not so trivial.

May I suggest you put time stamps when you post comments on graphs (here and on your blog), that would help us follow. "We are here now" is a bit difficult to back-decrypt a few days later. If possible using same stamps/units (CET) as your Bitfinex.

Maybe naming/numbering the peaks or other "noticeable points" on both/3 charts (Jan/Feb chart - Fract patterns (from yr blog) - actual Bitfinex ) would also make it easier to try superpose.
Sure it's not easy to spot the right place as you can spread and shrink either graphs in either scales....

Thank you for your work

31 Feb. :-) (not every year)
@pbau3r, thanks for your fine comment. I'm trying to make it clear for myself and for you; indeed it can be better made because indeed it's difficult. Specially to outlay it for others. Good idee for the timestamps. Will do! Hope I can "predict" some better buy-options! Allways keep in mind that the former JOES-fractals (the big-ones from jan and feb) are not the same as todays!
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