Is this too simplistic for day trading?

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I have been trying to get into TA for a while now, and the more I get to know the more confused I get with all the different patterns, technical indicators and everything else in TA.

I like simplicity for trading and the one thing that has been consistent for me is the 'crossover' indicator. When the 10 day EMA crosses below the 20 day EMA then it's time to sell, when the 10 day EMA crosses above the 20 day EMA then it's time to buy.

I also look at the one hour chart with the 10 and 20 day EMA to determine the longer term trend and use the 15 minute chart to find the entry points.

For longer term trading I would use the one hour chart using the same system.

Is this way too simplistic as it's the only thing that's working for me at the moment.
Another question: When do you sell when buying with this strategy? As soon as the sell signal comes by, for every course direction the signals give you? Or do you have another strategy?
@cjonas, Yep, more or less as soon as the sell signal kicks in but with the additional confirmation candles to say that the market is turning. Sometimes the sell signal can come up and immediately is followed by contradictory candle, so it's better to wait or just get out and wait for the next signal.
I definitely will have a look at your strategy, so far i tested it for a few coins and it seems pretty stable, with a few exceptions where your "prediction" comes to late. But overall, this might be a nice indicator strategy.
@cjonas, The only time it's not a good strategy is when the market is trading sideways, otherwise it's been great for me.
i was told by the best that its better to master 3 indicators than know 10 pretty good. So perfect what works for you
StevenA jlhequities
@jlhequities, thanks for that. I think you're right as long as you can test what works and keep notes of trades.
Thanks for sharing. It looks very interesting. Can you share how do you find the entry points using the 15m chart?
StevenA moibelgal
@moibelgal, I look at the 1 hour chart or daily chart to see the overall trend (macro view), then look for a setup up using the 15 minute chart (micro view) and when I see the 10 day EMA crossing the 20 day EMA then I will wait for confirmation of the move in either direction. By confirmation I mean candles, so if there's a move up I will wait for two candles to confirm the move up before entering the position, or closing off a position.

The only problem with trading this way is in a sideways market, where not much is happening e.g. BTC for the last 24 hours. In this situation if you're already in a trade it's better to either get out and wait for a better entry or stick with your position until a direction, either way, has been confirmed.

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