Is Bitcoin Going Up or Down?

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I've been observing with rapt interest (as with a horror show) as the prices were coming in on Bitcoin Trading which in turn I have been following using Trade Selector Signal's Price-Action-Time. Up until Friday morning, it had looked like the worst might be over, and indeed after touching outcome within +$70 prices begin reversing. If prices strengthen within the next few days, we then have returned into "Dead Cat Bounce" area, and a higher price is in front of us.

In the event coin is unable to bounce back deeper into "Dead Cat Bounce" area within a forthcoming couple of days, Trade Selector Signal $2748 target for Bitcoins will come back into the picture. The ellipse is around the $2748 level because’s where Bitcoin can go, although this isn't financial advice. I already made available cryptos signals on Live Signal page many times. It boils down to "Do not have fun playing in the streets if you don't want to be run over…” Many people today just never learn, though.
Komen: Bitcoin was unsuccessful its most recent breakout trying to revisit deeper "Dead Cat Bounce." Heck, it didn't come close. Well, down we go, and for how long?
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