Starting New Publishing With Fibs to More Current Events.

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It gets old scrolling down through a publishing to get to current charts. So, started a new thread to show the similarities I'm beginning to see with the two FIB Circles pictured here...

I did not want to compare the Consolidation Event in between because it was interrupted by the BitFinex Hack. Hopefully, this one will have no interruptions. hehe ; )
Komen: Just sharing my answer to constructive criticism...

Hi David my dear friend ....I can't see a thing!! on your recent charts imo Old way was so much better for eyes

ProwdClown PROjust now
Thanks for the constructive criticism. I certainly agree with you. I LOVE SIMPLE... That's why I created previous flow charts for FIB RT's for 0.618 & 1.618 with 2 G's Down/3 G's Down Flow Chart. I'm currently learning ways to use FIB Circles, FIB Speed Resistance Fans, FIB Speed Resistance Arc's, Pitch Forks for Buy the bottom of the pitch and Sell the top of the pitch fork. I will clean things up a LOT once I finish using different tools for different things. At the moment, you are seeing a LOT of history intermingled with current. I'm comparing and looking for patterns. I will have to explain how I use which tool to obtain a certain measurement - in order to use a different tool to make a different measurement from a previous pre determined location.
I'm very busy with several things going on during the day. Now, it's time to get back to FIB tools for a while....
I work on getting things cleaned up to see ONLY Current with a SMALL amount of history events clouding over the current.
Komen: Previous was HA Candles: Here are normal candles:
Komen: Yeah, working on a Bat...


Komen: close up:

Komen: Close Up:
What are those strategy ?
ProwdClown IzetMusaj
@IzetMusaj, That's what I'm working on... Just as I've done previously on other strategies for determining when a Gun is forming it's trigger at the end of a Selling Climax (SC) AFTER finding preliminary support (PS) from a long term Bear Trend . I created a numbering system based on the manufacturing of a Gun. There are "Historic" Guns, Guns that are not loaded (G-1); Guns that are loaded (LG-1), regular Guns in a bull trend that will have a spring and/or up thrust to peak at a consolidation event. Historic Guns will be Historic Peaks when they fire off.

I determined 2 guns down for 0.618 Retrace from Peak (beginning) of a Consolidation event.

I determined 3 guns down for 1.618 RT from Peak (beginning) of a Consolidation event to the NEXT Consolidation event. I made flow charts explaining them with closeups...

I think outside the box. I may find, after learning more, I've actually been inside the box the entire time... Who knows...

Simply thinking out loud once again to see if I find a "pattern" of some sort in Long, Medium and Short TF's, with Different FIB Tools or Combinations of FIB Tools.

All of this is thinking out loud. Do NOT base your trades off what I'm showing when thinking out loud. I'm not responsible for anyone's trades they make based off my analysis.
IzetMusaj ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Thanks good luck
ProwdClown IzetMusaj
@IzetMusaj, I currently trying to determine a flow chart for other FIB tools.... Just learning how they are used and can be used...
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