Money pumped into BCH is money that will later return to BTC

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376 7
Mass cannot be created nor destroyed, only moved to BCH and back.

Both of the green zones are buys for me.

After this, 25k . I still believe we are at peak greed and delusion, but you might as well play the wave.

Dagangan aktif: Bought both buy entries and sold the margin on this bounce to 15k. Lovely profits. Now I am long with those profits, selling tiny bits as we go up.

A lot of people are saying the bubble has popped. It's not a completely silly idea. However, take a look at my 'monthly fractal' chart - I assume we will create another monthly fractal at some point, meaning a few months of downtrend before pumping a lil higher than before.

Ignoring that, I see many alts are going to the moon. If money is still going into alts, then the bubble has not popped.
Why would you swap back to BTC when it cost min $20 to send BTC anywhere?
JackMush Altinvesting
@Altinvesting, (1) your entire profile is bch long charts (2) i'm pretty sure you are that altcoins_trading dude who used to scam everyone on chat. I could be wrong.
JackMush JackMush
@JackMush, maybe i'm wrong
@JackMush, I made all my profit investing my own personal income that I worked for I have no idea who you are talking about.
@JackMush, also if you took any of those trades in my profile you'd be WAYYYYYY in the money ;)
JackMush Altinvesting
@Altinvesting, really, if you press play on this chart you'll find that it's following it almost exactly
Arvin_Darred Altinvesting
@Altinvesting, Bingo. This hits the nail on the head. Not to mention it would take 10 hours to transfer.. lol. Youd miss the wave. Anyways. The delusion hasnt even begun yet, wait till Christmas.
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