SHORT BITCOIN about to collapse #theresNoDarkPoolsonCrypto

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
New tax year
20,000% gains in 12m
not backed by anything
its a bit slow, blocks cant get much bigger without going to quasi-centralized model.
need lightning network and #offchainsettlements
tokens dont have any intrinsic value and are now commodity
PRICE is what you PAY
VALUE is what you GET

Bell's Law

Bell's law of computer classes formulated by Gordon Bell in 1972 describes how types of computing systems (referred to as computer classes) form, evolve and may eventually die out. New classes of computers create new applications resulting in new markets and new industries (wiki)

mainframes (1960s)

minicomputers (1970s) These are essentially replaced by clusters of PCs for a twenty-year (1965–1985) lifespan.
personal computers and workstations evolving into a network enabled by Local Area Networking or Ethernet (1980s)

web browser client-server structures enabled by the Internet (1990s)

cloud computing, e.g. Amazon Web Services,{2006} or Microsoft Azure (2012)

hand held devices from media players and cell phones to tablets, e.g.Creative, iPods, BlackBerrys, iPhones, Smartphones, Kindles, iPads (c. 2000–2010)

Wireless Sensor Networks that enable sensor and actuator interconnection, enabling the evolving Internet of Things. (c. >2005)

Bitcoin / Blockchain (2009)

Ethereum / Smart Contracts(30 July 2015)

Definition: Roughly every decade a new, lower priced computer class forms based on a new programming platform, network, and interface resulting in new usage and the establishment of a new industry.
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