Bitcoin 15m day trading prediction

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That falling wedge looking nice

I also spot some MACD support bounce ranges

another thing pointing this out in my Elliott wave count.

Expanding support pattern

Market sentiment and psychology is clear & hate from angry troll's at all time highs very good buying according to the emotional cycles.
Komen: Bull wick from all the angry short sellers time to watch them get liquidated.
Komen: what my wavecount looks like
Komen: Falling wedge breakout confirmed
Komen: Here's the subwaves of this expanded/irregular flat correction
Komen: moving nicely in this daily channel
Komen: 45m candlesticks (photo above)
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Started impulsing down.
That was too shallow to be an up-channel- it was a survival grind...
Hi Dalin,
I appreciate all your charts. It's a great service to those that can't afford to pay for the premium services. Your charts have helped me a lot. However, is there anyway to "dumb down" the explanations. For instance, I am not sure what "Trade closed: stop reached: Started impulsing down" means. I'm thinking it means bitcoin will keep going down? Can you please clarify?

Thank you!
hey dalin; btc is chillin; but what is the likelihood of this scenario should we breach the support; nice to know your opinion
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this wave count seems to be incorrect. its the wave B , which is normally called a BULL TRAP in bear trend.

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Dalin_anderson zcryptoantigenius
@zcryptoantigenius, Count the subwaves its a expanded flat ABC correction wave>
zcryptoantigenius Dalin_anderson
@Dalin_anderson, Thanks Dalin!!! yeah your count seems to be right now!!! Lolz!!!
This elliot wave is freaking me out. Every trader has different elliot wave count though , which i hv observed . but it seems that we are going downward!!!

Komen dikeluarkan.
Hey dude, I started to learn aout trading with your channel 2 years ago, but, let me tell you something. You are a bull trader, and i'm a bear trader, my TA says that BTC in 15 min chart will down again 2-3 hours from now..
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