Stick a fork in it... BTC is cooked

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with upcoming COINBASE:BTCUSD             segwit fork looking more like a gong show both sellers and buyers have either pulled out choosing to park funds in alts or tether.


Bitcoins             been forking around....

Seems almost exactly like the caseless ICO             , all hype and pump..... any developer can fork off a block and create a new bitcoin            

Expect to see Bitcoin             Horse Turd Fork announcement soon (perhaps a better case than lightning network and segwit)
From Wikipedia
Bitcoin             SegWit2X X11 Not to be confused with a previous fork SegWit2X with the same name, Forking at Block 501451, 28 December 2017, For each 1 BTC             you get 1 B2X            

Is it wrong to be hungry with all this price volatility and fork hype

It really isnt any special moment in time. perhaps best way to illustrate how these forks have started to waterdown bitcoins             value is in just the space they hold in many coin speculators minds so if you are hungry and have your fork ready to sink your teetth into some 12000 $ BTC             you may be pleased to know there is a much more appropriate fork on the Horizon.

BITCOIN Pizza: Forking at Block 501888, 1st January 2018, For each 1 BTC             you get 1 BPA

Sink your teeth into that Investors... If there was ever a time to panic buy and HODL this is your chance.

REALLY??? -- Bitcoin             Pizza is going to be a pump and dump coin from inception but at least you may be able to Stick a fork in it.

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