Syncronized local minimum between BTCUSDT / SCBTC

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Looking for the best moment to buy back into SC , trying to synchronize with BTC dip
Komen: Updated timing:
BTC doing BTC thingies doesn't know what the word "down" means...
Dagangan aktif: BTC bounce looks stable enough
Don't forget your SL on this one. risk of BTC going down hard is still there
Dagangan aktif: Going to close manually in about 4h to let the next BTC pass (if there is any)

Komen: I'm going to buy back in after the next BTC dip passed (or support holds) to get this 80% profit.... and not just 6%
Komen: 8% to 9% I mean...
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Selling SC, waiting for BTC dip to pass
Never saw such a prediction. How the fuck did u get so accurate time interval of 8 hours?
@kulie, I just looked at the chart and tried to figure out where the support and resistance is and how long it will take to get there with the current curse
kulie Farbdose
@Farbdose, so u think now its gonna drop ? or moon to 1000 sats...
@kulie, drop somewhere in the next hours, then stabilize, then to the moon
kulie Farbdose
@Farbdose, ok so all this today? considering bitcoin has been pretty stable. Thanks!
small move , hope in 8 hours the action starts .

and whats ur target for bitcoin?
@kulie, no target for BTC, hoping it holds for at least 2 days after that SC would pump harder than BTC is dropping (assuming BTC isn't dragging everything down with it) ... I'm mostly gambling on SC actually pumping hard and will sell when SC reaches ~ 1000 or BTC starts dropping faster than SC is rising.
kulie Farbdose
@Farbdose, so u think sia is waiting for btc to hold or it wont pump until bitcoin is stable?
@kulie, yes, if BTC goes down hard nobody wants to invest in any coins that depend on BTC so the SC pump (that was independent of BTCUSDT in the beginning) will now wait until BTC looks stable enough to risk a short-term trade (~3 to 4 days)
kulie Farbdose
@Farbdose, but according to the above charts btc and sia both should move up for a couple days , correct?
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