BTSBTC 594 days long fight against a linear regression downtrend

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
The +2 deviation line was touched but shortly left unbowed. A quick observation of a market timing advises that a positively solved btc debacle might have some bearing on this scenario, notwithstanding, one thing remains static no matter what plot develops around in the btc chart. It's location of the 89 timezone. Being a predefined invariable, it sits tight in the future that is yet to come, waiting for the bulls to outbalance the bear thrust in this 594 d declining regression trend. Ideally, uncertainty coupled with flames of passion flaring up in the btc subreddit would solve all the problems here, and 89 timezone sets a key turning point in this story giving the market 30 days to make it out of an established regression downtrend. In the worst case scenario with sellers jumping the shark again it would get dimmed to dull embers though its deemed normality to get slapped one last time before a new uptrend sets in. The narrower the trading range is, the more problems there are with keeping it in the same tight room. Pay attention to time, if a green support zone gets pierced through before 05.03 +/- week bts could lose up to 95% of its present value.
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