BTS/BTC New Target Wolfe Wave, pattern repetition, etc

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
Continuing on from my BTS chart previously using Wolfe waves to figure out BTS target - here are my new ones The targets meet a few criteria so I'm pretty confident about these. I can interestingly use the Wolfe wave I used last time to support the 900 sats target, I believe BTS is also going through a repeat of a smaller pattern that occured on the 20th (circled for comparison), this target will approximately test base support of the range and will complete an AB=CD . It may continue on to do a3-drives but that will break through the range, so I think it's unlikely, but I think it will instead create a rounded bottom and skim the bottom of the range. Following target will be 2050 sats as of right now.
Komen: A bit easier to see, removed previous target and faded first arrow for Wolfe Wave target, removed indicator.

Komen: And a few potential internal targets, assuming this actually happens...
Komen: the 1200 target should read 1435.
Komen: I actually prefer this, just using the Wolfe wave as it worked better last time, and this way it will actually test the support at the bottom of the range. We will see if either pays out, but I favor this one
Komen: Sorry for the errors - wish I could edit, targets are 1267 (reached), 1420, 775, 1517, 2050.
Komen: Well, skipped many steps to reach the target.... XD. Didn;t work.
Pesanan dibatalkan
Komen: he's smarter :)
Drop time, BTC moving up
My guess is something along these things...
Korastiz Korastiz
@Korastiz, with another bounce and then probably to ~600, then the real bounce up to ATH.
do you still expect it to go to 775 AS SUPPORT ?
Korastiz TraianIonita
@TraianIonita, I haven't updated this chart, but I thinkk 600 will be the base support, expecting it to bounce soon though.
@Korastiz, i am heavily invested in it , should I sell all and rebuy at 800 at least ?
Korastiz TraianIonita
@TraianIonita, @TraianIonita, I don't want to give you advice on that in the event that I am wrong, but I don't think this is bottom right now. I think this will depend a lot on BTC, and I don't think that BTC is done its run up, which would mean BTS isn't done its down. I THINK 800 is safe, though. I'll be aiming to rebuy at that level.
Korastiz Korastiz
@Korastiz, dont sell quit yet, closer to 1150
Korastiz Korastiz
@Korastiz, 1120 actually, I think that's where it will reject and head down to 800.
Korastiz Korastiz
if BTC doesn't drop now, BTS will go to 800 now I think.
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