CADUSD: Close above low volume resistance opens up huge upside

FX_IDC:CADUSD   Dolar Kanada / Dolar AS
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I have been trading the long side in this pair for a while now, entering and reentering on every chance I had.
I'm in this trade, and looking to add if we get a minor retracement retesting the low volume resistance zone .

If not in, you can go long now, or on retracement to the light blue zone on chart. The same applies to USDCAD , naturally, just inverse. If you platform doesn't have this pair trade the USDCAD short side.
If you know how to trade trends, this might be a terrific one to ride, really nice potential here.

Good luck if taking this trade.

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Ivan Labrie.
Pesanan dibatalkan: Moving back under resistance isnt good. Let's stand aside for now and focus on long AUD and USD, vs CHF, EUR and GBP. (maybe some yen longs vs eur, chf and gbp as well)
Komen: After a fight, longs are back on track.
Komen: Boom, target #1 hit. I'm long from today's NY open.
Komen: ;)
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Safer to stand aside for now.
Komen: It appears to be that CAD and oil are turning around 180° today.
Very interesting though a bit too late myself for the party :)
What's the indicator you are using that is repainting in coloured rectangles? Also did you put yourself the green arrow or is the strategy/indicator you are using that is doing that? :)
Thanks mate
IvanLabrie Arabafenice
Hi, the green arrow signals the start of the recent uptrend leg, manually drawn.
The green boxes are quarters and weeks, drawn by the MTPC indicator, Tim West came up with the idea.
Ivan you think 90cents or even parity is possible in a year from now for the CAN?
IvanLabrie BitcoinGuru