Stochastic Long Signal Crude 1h

NYMEX:CL1!   Hadapan Minyak Mentah Ringan
Stochastic providing the early entry. Stop is last low print - 2t 52.08.

I happen to be 10m delayed and know from other platform that it went down about 13t from 52.35 to 52.22 during the delay.. still anywhere around here is the hourly swing up best entry if it's going to happen. If it doesn't.. it doesn't. If you like more confirmation, enter the DTI.
Dagangan aktif: Dangeruosly close to stopping out.. lowered it to the round number.
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai
Dagangan aktif: Inventory gives me the opp to reenter. Long again.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: took 52.75 (so -22t + +42t) 2 trades for net of 20 ticks is all, managed well though.
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