CL - Crude down to CL & Freq. Shift.

NYMEX:CL1!   Hadapan Minyak Mentah Ringan
I think this correction is OK.
Going down to the centerline, just to recverse to the upside.


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Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the crude oil is more bullish than it seems and we'll see new highs soon. Your fork is likely to be working for a while.
forker ForceFollower
Jep, i'm 100% with you - this is also my "opinion"...

...and her's the trap i try to avoid:
I have to trade the "framework", the "system", not my opinion, because i don't know anything of the future.

In this case one rule of the forks framework say: "Price has a high probability to reach the next A/R (Fork-) Line."
Adding the Charts fact, like the low close of the last bar, and the failure to reach the CL. , i have some "confirmation", that the rule could be valid agian this time.

But her's my personal rule Nr. 1 : I don't know...

Have a sunny day ForceFollower and thanks for your comment, which i allways appreciate.

Sure, Emilio, a good point: follow your rules, not your views.
As for the crude oil, currently I find West Texas Intermediate stronger than Brent. I also think it's still worth buying, as much as silver (XAGUSD).
forker ForceFollower
I have two differnt views on this:

a) buying now (low) is good, or even a must for the longterm investor
b) for "Traders"...where would one put the stop, what's the strategy behind? Just for daytrading, i would wait for a sign to the upside.
Or, you could play it with options, like a risk/reversal or such.

All depends on your overall's so different like the cakes in a bakery...the only common thing that all cakes have are the calories we have to burn with sweat and exercise §8-))
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