Decred is just getting started.

POLONIEX:DCRBTC   Decred / Bitcoin
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DCR has been repeating the same pattern since it's early-January predictable it's not even funny. First two pumps were up 200% and the last one was up around 600%. We're nearing the end of a long consolidation phase...but consider this:

Current supply: ~ 5,800,000
Total coins locked up for developers (not on market until next year I think): 800,000
Total coins locked up in staking: 2,070,000
Current available supply to markets: 2,930,000
Total market cap on $121,307,000

You're welcome to double check these numbers, this was pretty close I think. Decred is still VERY young compared to other projects, it's sitting at #29 most valued when it should be in the top 10 EEEAAASSYY. It has the unique feature of governance baked into the protocol, no other coin can do that ATM. Great dev team, growing community, Exodus wallet soon, first mainnet hard fork and voting complete soon, Lightning Network integration soon. There's also a guy named @dangermouse117 who is one of the brightest analysts in the cryptocurrency space, and he has said this is one of three coins that he hodls. He also believes projects with governance at the protocol level will be the ones that last the longest.

Point is...we're in another low supply, bullish as fuck flag scenario just like the last three pumps. Bitcoin is likely to dip soon. Decred is here to fucking stay. I'm not selling until .06. That's about $150 and would put Decred at a $750 million valuation. If Dash can do that, the piece of shitcoin, going nowhere project that's about to be kicked to the curb with Lightning Network on LTC, with masternodes that lock up the supply...then this should be no problem.


This is my first chart, and I have no idea how to use the commands correctly. Please be nice. Any polite but constructive criticism on how to improve would be much appreciated.
Komen: Here's an interesting analysis from Yoringpoly
Dagangan aktif: Here we are on log scale, clearly at the bottom of the channel, a move up to .03 at a minimum:
Komen: Adjusting targets-
T1: .03
T2: .06
And if things get cray-cray T3: .01
Dagangan aktif: Ascending triangle forming....whales freaking out trying to consume as much decred as possible before the tsunami begins. Once we break .0115 we're in the clear and will probably begin a series of cup and handles all the way to the target.

Dagangan aktif: Bitcoin pump, most alts down. Decred still gearing up for a drawn out mega pump between now and mid-July. Patience...
Komen: Movin' on up
my poloniex account is locked from 8 days.please unlock my account.
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my poloniex account is locked from 8 days.please unlock my account.
my support number is -307847
please help unlock my account.i and thankful for unlocked my account.
I dont understand what 1 2 3 4 5 should indicate?
mychartslie marcoroma
@marcoroma, I was trying to convey the repeating pattern. If you get a chance, zoom into the chart and look at the first two pumps in January and February. Big pump 1, big correction 2, small pump 3, smaller correction or consolidation, and then the next pump 5.

The past isn't 100% reliable but it may inform us about the future. Even if my target is wrong, we're still primed for the next wave.
I believe Decred has such a bright future, I am buying this at all the low prices as much as possible. It is inevitable that a massive gain will be made from this coin.

Awesome, we will wait
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