I wanted to share some good news that I've received from the community within the DigixDao TEAM. It looks like we've established a launch date. First, let me start by stating the original post for launch was Q1 of 2018. Although, after spending a lot of time discussing the new DGX launch with the DIGIX community on discord, as well as the founder a CTO AEDIGIX (Anthony Eufemio) we've got some good insight on the actual launch date. I wont go into the details of the conversation but there were only a few steps left to go for the team as far as completing registration in Singapore and the USA. Nonetheless, the launch date has been confirmed and the release of DGX will happen next week.

aedigix - Last Thursday at 8:56 PM
our focus is still launching DGX by end of March (I think we will be able to deploy the mainnet contracts by next Friday)
then we're going full speed ahead with DGDGovernance

Upon the launch of DGX (Token backed by GOLD ) all DGD holders will have opportunities to participate in DGDGovernance by locking up their tokens and voting on quarterly proposals. Claim quarterly rewards based on the total DGX collected through transaction fees. All transaction fees will be placed in a pool and transparent for all to see. In addition, the DGX tokens are backed by 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA standard gold which will be stored in a safehouse. Holders who accumulate DGX (100) will be eligible to receive their tokens via mail/in-person. A token backed by physical/convertible currency could change the game for cryptos.

DGD will hit unbelievable highs regardless of the price of BTC going into the launch week. Don't take yours eyes off of this team and these tokens as the game could change very quickly.

It looks like history may be repeating itself here... what do you think?
Interesting. Thx.
DGD is a scam, each DGD i backed up by 1 gram of gold, 1 gram of gold costs 40 dollars, why are you paying 400 dollars for it ?
bkayy101 enilarp
@enilarp, u got it wrong it's not backed by one gram of gold its payment from dgx transactions which is backed by gold. Popular misconception please research
+1 Balas
@enilarp, DGD is not DGX. DGX will be the gold tokens worth what the cost of gold is. DGD is a self-governing community token. You gotta do your homework pimp...
enilarp SOLKNIGHT19
@SOLKNIGHT19, ok sorry my mistake
@enilarp, All good big man. It's not information that is really out there. You really have to search to find it, so in a sense I actually agree with the BS/SCAM part. This information should be explained and obtainable to the community.
@enilarp, DGX will probably still trade at a premium to the gold spot rate since it will include storage costs and offers an easier way to transfer gold between parties. Another consideration is that the gold will operate more as a price floor for DGX. Few other cryptos offer a solid price floor.
enilarp jamisonsites
@jamisonsites, seriously, people just think logically, we have one coin bitcoin there is around 16 000 000 of bitcoins, each costs 9000 USD, everybody knows that, sometime ago somebody though I will discover another coins working like bitcoin but better (as it would be impossible to improve the bitcoin, it's code so it's easy to improve it) but they will denominate bitcoin and make altcoins, but each altcoin is bought with bitcoin right (most of the time) that means that the value of bitcoin is decreasing because another code exists and this code is not used to improve bitcoin but to decrease it value. Anybody who is buying any other coin than few major cryptos like ether, maybe neo, is the reason why bitcoin is going down. Your greed is the reason of your failure.
enilarp enilarp
@enilarp, my father once told me, bitcoin might be priced at 1 000 000 USD one day, I said Dad it already costs 25 000 000, Marketcap of all coins by 16 000 000, around 25 000 000 USD that's the real price of bitcoin, and you destroyed it.
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