Germany´s MDAX Set Another ATH Today

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Germany´s MDAX setting another All Time High today

As you might know from US-Stockmarkets: If ever mid caps follow the blue chips this is usally a good sign for market breadth .

This is what you see now for a couple of trading days and it´s only a matter of time that you might see the DAX to follow through to an all time high.
Komen: Comment: Watch on Monday the FTSE/mib for rocket straight up gains.

The reason why:
Komen: Germany´s Mid Cap DAX (MDAX): New All Time High

Germany´s MDAX yesterday was sold off but seller could not get control about this Index. Todays reaction is nothing else than a fresh all time high.
Komen: 01/25/2017
Germany´s Midcap DAX made a new record high today. See how!
Komen: Comment: Feb 10 2017: New All Time High for Germany´s Mid Cap DAX
Komen: Comment: FEB 13 2017: Follow closely todays Trump meeting with Canadas Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Komen: FEB 13 2017: New All Time High for Germany's Mid Cap DAX (MDAX).
Komen: FEB 13 2017: Impressive momentum pushes Germany`s MDAX to a new all time high
Komen: Read also:
Komen: MAR 23 2017: All major sentiment Indicators showing "fear" or "extreme fear" - even Markets just a few points under multi year highs or all time highs (DAX)

Before you read this news about todays market action (link below) keep your attention to the high level of putbuying at the CBOE: Total Intraday Put/Call Ratio 1,13. If ever there might be any higher number before the weekend the remind that usually high numbers like this are followed by a major spike to the upside some trading days later. Expect that a "fail" for Donald J. Trump might be nothing else than "sell the news" (for shortsellers). You need to invert the situation.

DAX Traders need to be aware that the EUWAX Sentiment Indicator today once more was extremely negative - means nothing else that putbuying was extremely high.
Quote: Wall St closes lower after Healthcare vote delay
Komen: Comment: APR 03 2017: German manufacturing growth reached an reached an almost six-year high in March, Markit's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) for manufacturing showed on Monday. Manufacturing activity in France and Italy also rose, adding to signs of a pickup in momentum in the global economy.
Komen: APR 04 2017: "Risk free trades against Europe on the rise of populism" vs. facts and figures

Quote: In recent polls, AfD (Germany´s far right party) has dropped dangerously close to the five percent threshold
Head of AfD, Frauke Petry (41), who has been under pressure within her Party, has now struck back – by indirectly threatening to step down
In recent polls, AfD has dropped dangerously close to the five percent threshold (currently seven percent, according to Allensbach). Without Petry, this might become even more of a tight squeeze. In the end, the party might fail to make it into parliament. Source:
Komen: APR 05 2017 Euro zone businesses started 2017 on a six-year high: PMI
Komen: APR 10 2017 - Germany´s MDAX: New All Time High today. The steep uptrend is confirming the DAX Bull Run since December 2016 same time showing that the upmove is to come to an end in the next couple of weeks.
Dagangan aktif: The MDAX target is reached now. I start selling today 1/16 of this position. The MDAX longposition is going to be reduced now and will completely closed at east in May or June.
Dagangan aktif: Take Profit - sold another 1/16 today. Net gain 2.797 points
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: All European Long Trades closed on profit taking.
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