TVC:DXY   Indeks Mata Wang US Dollar
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4709 16
SMALL AB=CD Also Complete
This is a good chance to LONG DXY            
Komen: Nice Trade, now is 95.54
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Both Targets Hit.
similar to oil? does oil have the same libra pattern too now? thanks.
is your Libra pattern the same as head and shoulders pattern but using a different name?
completely different.
HS pattern, u enter when price break the neckline.
LIBRA pattern, u entere before the price takes off
Batman-oz tntsunrise
Man oh man, i worked this out myself, these guys keep asking the same question, and they want to be forex traders. Go and hunt and find, read and watch. Do the homework and maybe just maybe pay for a course from Jack. Jack you are the best i have come across,
Rocketman Batman-oz
Do a google search for "Libra pattern". It doesn't exist. This is also called a "Crown" pattern, but who would know that with 10,000s of books out there to hunt for? Not many. Some just want this to be their fishing hobby as a forex trader, not a full-time profession, like fishing....but how to make a hobby enjoyable?
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Batman-oz Rocketman
Yes i know i did a google search. That's why i watched Jack and his wonderful ideas, i even went back a fair way into his past ideas to follow this pattern, and then i asked a sensible question and got a sensible reply from Jack, his answer was "yes". Now you will have to work out the question. Really not hard, he gives you all the answers in just about each post he makes. But yes as you say, most on here and other places are in it for a hobby.
Rocketman Batman-oz
Yeah, he is a cool guy to hang with.
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Rocketman tntsunrise
Also a King's Crown pattern.
Why the second aim is 95.99.Could you please give a instruction for that?Thank you,sir!
tntsunrise butterflyfly
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