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The Reason I dont provide Trading Signals:
1. Trading is difficult and trading is involved with risk. if some people has no idea what is risk and just copy the trade without knowing how much risk he is going to have, it is very dangerous.
2. Trading logic is more important than trading signal, a signal may let you win one time but if you understand the trading logic, u can find as many good quality trades as you can and you can benefit for whole life.
3. The result of one trade could be profit or loss: it is important for traders to understand in the trading world, winning ratio or accuracy is not the most important thing, people get frustrated if they saw a loss trade, people get over confident if they have a winning trade. For Me, I only have 4 trading result: Big Win, Small Win, Break Even and Small Loss. Question: where does the BIG LOSS go? Yes, I stopped them out when they are small before they burn my account. I don't care whether a particular trade is winning or loosing, because I know as long as I stay in the market, by just looking at the only 4 results , I know I won't be lossing money in the long run. But Novice Trader dont understand, one winning trade they feel they are in the heaven, then one losing trade they feel they are in the hell. There is nothing a signal could tell you, stay calm, dont be panic, move to the next winning trade, but a good mentor can.
4. All my tradingview Ideas are records of my trading logic and my trading plan, you will know what kind of result you will achieve after you learn from me. I will make sure whatever I know in the trading wolrd, you will get them. By doing this, I am training a group of pro-traders rather than giving signal. Think about this: what if some day I am sick? what is some day I am on vocation? what if some day I am retired? who should you rely on in terms of trading? another author? another signal provider? My answer is: Rely on yourself! You know the best of yourself, your weakness, your strength, your time contribution, your mentality. and most importantly, that is your own account! Be responsible for your account and Be professional enough to Set your own trading plan. if you have this "Edge" in trading, no one can steal it from you.
Again, Thanks for everyone who follow me and support me, I am always here to educate, to teach, to train and to improve your life by transforming you from a retail trader to pro-trader. For more information, please visit my website or my FB group. you can pm me as well.
Excellent advice! :)
Thank you a lot Jack.
Appreciate your words, you know it was my target or we call it dream that being a man like you in the trading world. Now I will never change my mind, since I really see the light which coming from you, tntsunrise! Big thanks for your huge effort in provide the detailed trading logic!
all golden words. thanks
I've learned a lot from your published ideas, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me
hi jack
i already trade in demo version and anytime i want to open a real account i hesitate to do that because i get nervous when i see people using harmonic patterns or gann or any complicated trading methods.
i want to ask you as a pro trader, is it necessary to know all of these stuff or at least had been trying them in demo version to get into real account trading?
if it's a yes which books or material you recommend me to study?- since i'm from iran i can't have acces to majority of good materials despite my eager for learning-
thanks a lot for all of your great ideas :)
tntsunrise saber.rouzbahanimoghadam
not really. u just need to find you own way of trading.
Well said Jack! Appreciate what you are doing for and on behalf of novice traders like me.
Good advice, always welcome.

When you talk of small losses i would love to know your approach on Stop loss.

I often see your targets. But wonder what rules you set yourself in regards to stop loss?
important structure, atr,
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