DXY Performing exactly the same way as it was predicted

TVC:DXY   Indeks Mata Wang US Dollar
For detailed information please look at the chart
Komen: Break up is possible. Watching price action under channel line.
Komen: Price has broken flat channel i am expecting continuation to the upside. in case price do not continue to the upside and change the pattern and structure i will update that. Currently it seems to me that price forming rising wedge at the top of the flat channel and has broken down. Although this is a trend reversal patterns but break down is not really strong enough which means it can form new high. If i will see new formation on lower time frame i will update that.
Hello, fellow trader!

It is great to see Anil's influences among retailers, although there are a lot of "wannabes" around and YOU ARE NOT one of them ! I've saw your Youtube's channel and your work is authentic.
Keep it up!

About the US Dollar, I have similar view. Nevertheless, I think it would be to easy if it form a WXYXZ (five-waves flat). Of course, it could happen...

A great chart, that speaks for itself. So we are close to a decision point after probabnly a few more days up, right? It would be interesting if you could chart a gold chart in the same time frame as both are inter-dependent.
Thank you for sharing this!
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