EOSUSD Bullish projections

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You know the drill. We have our targets and things are looking good. I don't usually make my EOS trades public but those of you who keep in personal contact with me know that I enjoy trading it.
Best of luck.
Komen: It is yet another late trade, but that doesn't mean there is no profit to be had.
Komen: high probability targets have been hit. Let's watch for whatever hints price structure gives us.
Komen: EOS has made gains but is in a sensitive position.
We watched structure develop, and EOS gave us an entirely new wave to work with.
This wave shown traced in red, produced the targets shown by the horizontal pink lines. If EOS makes a new ATH, these N and V and possibly even E targets are all within reach. However, we are at a possible rejection point as you can see shown as the pink NT. Meaning that this is still a dangerous place to be if we are long. For this reason you might want to consider taking some profit and waiting for further confirmation of the movement. Otherwise if EOS demonstrates strong action, I would hold on for the ride.
Komen: Eos has hit our high probability targets for our updated wave. The pink N and V have been breached.
Eos is my good ol boi.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Forgot to mark this one as closed. That's what I get for just adding waves onto previous posts instead of dedicating a new post to them.
We got within 25 cents of the E target. Close enough for me.
knee how

nice weather forecast sir
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Once again, some excellent charting and forecasting from The Great Omski. Thanks man!
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@jayeb, <3
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