CFRN - Globex Open S&P 500 Emini Trade Tading View Idea #1

CME_MINI:ES1!   Hadapan S&P 500 E-mini
Sunday Night Globex Open - It's now past midnight for our East Coast desk as we creep into the London Open. It's a good thing most traders aren't superstitious. After this joyous volatility ride, we've been on, I think we're hooked. "I can handle it". "Quit anytime I want to. Just don't want to." On an Average True Range Chart even with the default lookback, we're clocking above 40. That's 40 S&P 500 Best of Breed (The Only Index Real Men Trade) Points.

For the past 20 years through thick and thin there has been a Daily Average of 20 Points. Give or Take. Thumb off the scale. Top to Bottom. HOD to LOD and vice-versa.

Now, because of the swamp draining noise and another cutesy little Bitcoin Shillionaire blowing up every 5 minutes, it's hard to get work done. So I have come here my Amigos, to this America, the Land of Braves and Home of the Trading View. (Right? I got it right? It's this place, right?) I shall work here, spin my tales of high finance in distance places pro bono. No paycheck, no deadline, no.... heat. Uh-oh! (note: revisit rebellion theory once crisis averted).

Speaking of the S&P , we had a great trade setup over the last 2 days covered during the Live Broadcast . You can visit if you missed it live. 44 points from the Entry to the Final Target. The first Trigger stopped out for a small loss and the 2nd one just did like they do in the textbook. I don't know if you're allowed to post links here so I won't until I'm sure.

Tonight's Trade idea is pretty simple. It's kind of a thing with me.

If the S&P 500 Emini can reach 2807 I want to be Long on a Stop with no more than a $300 per contract risk, based on our entry rule.
1st Target is 2812 / 2nd Target 2823 / Target 3 Final and Trail 2830.

Should Buyers fail to push price out of this opening range we will tumble into London and certainly Wall Street. Not a problem just be prepared. If the market does not hand us our Long Trade we will gladly trade 2788 to 2778. Same Stop Loss as Long, but this one... all in / all out, or trail and at first sign of strength, reduce risk to 2 ticks per contract.

My first post here on TV. Did I topple any Sacred Cows? If I did let me know. I'll fix it.

Thanks for letting me think out loud.

I don't get much adult conversation outside of the show.

You've been a great crowd. G'nite!
Komen: Every number from last night is still valid. Based on your method of stop placement, it is possible to have taken a small stop this morning. At current price, if you are participating in the Idea, you are Short with Stop in place, patiently waiting it out.

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