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Price is bouncing off long-term support trend line and daily stoch rsi is ~1-2.
stoch rsi for eth/usdt 4 hour is ~16.45, daily stoch rsi for eth/usdt is ~0-1...which suggests we could see a huge climb
However, Ethereum network transactions are supposedly clogging up. I do not see any significant events related to EEA coming up.

Another thing is we have bearish tk-cross.
bearish 50-200 on 1 hour
soon bearish 50-200 on 2 hour
price is in bottom part of 4 hour cloud, but is barely hanging in on the 4 hour.

If we have a clear 4 hour candle outside of cloud, then i think its going to .1 to .108.
OTOH, it could also rocket up due to daily stoch RSI . We should see if it breaks the long term (trend) support line on daily. Right now it just appears to be bouncing off and may very well rocket up.

If you are going to trade I would put in your stops and maybe trade light until we know for sure which way its going.
If price goes out top of cloud or we see a bullish tk-cross below cloud, I would go long.

Fundamentals and news is bearish right now. I think they will trump TA at this moment.
TA says it can go either way pretty hard. Guys, let me know your thoughts in comments.

Komen: looks like its going to hit 200 ema at .~108, pass it and then bounce back toward 200 ema....then probably back down more until it finds support.
Komen: target reached....I expect it to bounce up and down on 200 ema.
stoch rsi on 4 hour and daily says way oversold...however news is bearish.
I expect support to be found around .086 to .1 range. My best guess would be .095 to .10 btc/eth
Komen: I see two scenarios:
Scenario 1: think support will be ~.0917 (lower channel).
Scenario 2: support will be ~.086

RSI levels can fall more and news is not bullish.
"Due to ongoing network instability, we've disabled Ethereum deposits/withdrawals. We'll enable once we know the network is functioning properly.Posted by MobyDick at 2017-06-22 17:50:35"
That to me says we can see eth/btc potentially fall further or bounce up and down off 4 hour 200 ema (~.108).
Lowest risk position would be to have a short position originating at or above 200 ema in case we break below ~.0917.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: trade closed. hit my target area perfectly.
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