ETHEUR: There's not much going on, chillax

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This goes to the people who are asking me about ETH, and other assets. The moves happened, short term trends got exhausted, let these instruments regain strength to move higher, resuming the uptrend. The monthly and 2-monthly timeframe trends are up in BTC and ETH, and there are other interesting ones like $ZEC that also act well. Opportunities will be plenty, ignore illiquid, small cap, instamined, highly centralized/accumulated by very few cryptocurrencies. Don't chase bubbles, don't gamble, don't trade too big, don't be late to the game.

Really, CHILLAX.


Ivan Labrie.
Komen: Following the script.
Komen: We might be looking at a sideways range like this in $ETHEUR, be patient, wait for fundamentals to propel it higher
Komen: $ETHEUR is under pressure until at least April 18th, we will monitor it to increase our position, for now, wait...
Komen: A few potential targets for $ETHEUR, we are waiting for the next signal to add

Still sideways, logical...
Komen: Ideally the market will take a while longer to consolidate before breaking out, otherwise, the next rally could be the last for a good while...unless it goes absolutely crazy, in which case, we would simply aim to close near 277 euros.
Komen: Started a bit sooner, but still ok. Hold!
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: How cool was this trade?
Very cool trade. Great shout to sell all crypto coins... Such a plunge!
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IvanLabrie RJHumphries
@RJHumphries, Ecclesiastes 3:2
"a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot,"
Cheers mate
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JorgeNunez IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Amen. Very cool. Now we have the opportunity to get ready for the next rally, maybe in 12 or more months
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IvanLabrie JorgeNunez
@JorgeNunez, we can guesstimate it will take at least 10 weeks, to 20 months max, as long as the premise of a top is correctly diagnosed. Sentiment was extremely one-sided, I really saw all the makings of a bubble bust this time, unlike previous peaks. This nicely correlated with the Time at mode long term target being hit, both in ETH and in BTC. Best of luck!
Will we have a rebound? I don't know...
Sick trade indeed. Amazing calls.
I know trades rarely clone. However:
-We now saw exactly x4 from previous ATH (56USD), just like last Ethereum's rally (the one in march).
-We saw sell the news event.
-Lower low on a Saturday (previous was 18th of march, when we went down to 35 usd at exactly the same hours)
-If Im not mistaken, on 18th we saw the lowest low (32) before bouncing back, and finding consolidation happening at 30% down from ATH (ATH was 56 at GDAX for brief minutes if not mistaken)
-We rallied again a month later.

So far so good. Now I am expecting a slow bleed to 125-130is, before bouncing back. We also consolidated well at the 125ish level.

Last time I remember on some exchanges my orders of 32-33 USD did not get hit..
Really impressed by your forecast, great work!! Getting ready for the rally...
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@lucbas, thanks!

Whenever a market is trending we will have a huge edge...also pretty good odds when picking trend reversals with Tim West's technique.

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So what does this last graph mean? Will it continue to grow after the fall?
IvanLabrie Daniel1903
@Daniel1903, saw the last update?
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